CEO's Message


As we consider the progress of DHCHD, we do not want to forget the values that have been left to us by Richard Coon. This belief acknowledges the dignity of each person who comes to us for care. Each entity subscribes to an altruistic philosophy, which characterizes the benevolence of its founder. The values left to us many years ago are still applicable today.

DHCHD is a complete health system, starting with clinics, the hospital, Home Health, Assisted Living, Nursing Home, and Hospice. The employees are committed to giving each individual the care and attention that is needed in the healing process. The Board of Directors have added facilities and providers as the community continues to grow and prosper. Technology has expanded and will continue as government mandates require that health records become accessible and secure. We are a vital part of the Dalhart community and will strive to make the community healthier. I am thankful for the community and the individuals that have worked so hard to make Dalhart better.

The care and treatment of the whole person in all of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs requires deep sympathy on our part. Educated minds and skilled hands must combine with sympathetic, compassionate and understanding hearts. In our cooperative undertakings we share our resources, both human and material.


Loree Tamayo