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    Lead Cook - Nutrition and Facilities

    Directs the production, service, and delivery of quality foods for residents, patients, and cafeteria, special functions, and catered events. Trains, counsels, and enforces policies and regulations set by the state Department of Health.


    Supervisory duties
    Food is prepared according to current production
    Standards for appearance and temperature are met.
    Helps complete daily and monthly office work in a timely manner.
    Monitors cafeteria to assure attractive presentation and proper proportioning of food items and the meeting of the standards of quality and efficiency by cafeteria personnel.
    Manages cashiers and ensures registers are operating properly with accuracy.
    Cafeteria audits and required daily revenue reports are maintained properly.
    Supervises and coordinates activities including work routines and disciplinary action.
    Regularly communicate with Director, Nutrition and Facilities regarding staff.

    Equipment Maintenance
    Requires proper use of equipment by each employee.
    Routinely inspects equipment.
    Documents all maintenance requests and reports to the Director, Nutrition and Facilities

    Daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules are followed.
    Hand washing techniques and established procedures are followed.
    Inspects good for quality and conditions.
    Maintenance of department storerooms, refrigerators, freezers and satellite storage areas.
    Other duties as assigned by Director, Nutrition and Facilities.

    Interacts with all department managers on a continuous basis.
    Maintains favorable relationships with outside suppliers and vendors.
    Follows safety guidelines and policies.
    Completes any other assigned duties from the Director, Nutrition and Facilities.

    Additional Information
    Position Type : Full Time
    Shift : Day

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