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    Respiratory Therapist (PRN) - Respiratory
    JOB SUMMARY: Provides technical service in the performance of EKG exams, holter monitor studies, event monitors and EEG studies. Provide Pre and Post PFT/DLCO studies, collection of and analyze ABG/CBG, collection of RSV/SPUTUM samples to be delivered to the lab. Under the supervision of a physician administers prescribed respiratory therapy procedures. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Class I.


    A. Education: High school graduate or GED. Graduate of an AMA approved school and passed NBRC with at least a CRT.

    B. Personal Job-Related Skills: Knowledge of cardiopulmonary equipment. Effective oral and written communication skills.

    C. Licensure, Registry or Certification: Certified as a CRTT or registered as an RRT, RCP. Current Texas certificate for Respiratory Care. Current BLS, ACLS, PALS, and NRP certifications.

    D. Experience:
    1. Prior Work Experience: One year prior experience or six months on-the-job training.
    2. Technical Training: Current in CPR, ACLS, PALS, NRP.

    E. Physical and Mental Requirements: Duties of the position require long periods of standing and walking, with some bending and reaching when providing patient care. Lifting supplies up to 50 pounds and occasional lifting or supporting patient who may suddenly become weak or helpless. Must be able to hear to respond to monitor alarms, Code 99 intercom system, telephone inquiries and physicians.

    A. Respiratory care procedure: Respiratory care provided by the therapeutic and diagnostic use of medical gases, the delivery of humidification and aerosols, the administration of drugs and medications to the cardio respiratory system, ventilator assistance and ventilator control, postural drainage, chest drainage, chest percussion or vibration, breathing exercises, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, maintenance of natural airways, and the insertion and treatment, and research, including the measurement of ventilator volumes, pressures and flows, the specimen collection of blood and other materials, pulmonary function testing, and hemodynamic and other related physiological forms of monitoring or treating, as ordered by the patient’s physician, the cardio respiratory system. These procedures include but are not limited to:

    1. Administration of Medical gases such as oxygen, nitric oxide, helium and
    carbon dioxide
    2. Providing ventilatory assistance and ventilatory control with either an
    AMBU BAG, NEO PUFF or Mechanical Ventilation system
    3. Providing artificial airways including insertion, maintenance and removal
    4. Performing pulmonary function testing including adult and pediatric studies
    5. EKG exams, holter monitor studies, event monitors and EEG studies
    6. Pulse oximeter, carboxyhemoglobin, end-tidal carbon dioxide and apnea
    7. Patient assessment, respiratory patient care planning
    8. Implementation of respiratory care protocols
    9. Collection of and analyze ABG/CBG
    10. Collection of RSV/SPUTUM samples to be delivered to the lab

    B. Receives and processes all incoming orders daily.
    1. Receives and verifies physician orders.
    2. Schedules procedures with all necessary information.
    3. Completes orders according to policy and procedure.
    4. Maintains files on a daily basis.
    5. Completes required documentation in a timely manner or before the end
    of the day.
    6. Maintains an orderly and neat department.

    C. Runs EKGs according to policy and procedure.
    1. Runs an acceptable EKG 95% of the time.
    2. Runs STAT EKGs immediately.

    D. Runs PFTs Pre & Post according to policy and procedure.
    1. Receives and verifies physicians’ orders.
    2. Schedules procedures with all necessary information.
    3. Completes orders according to policy and procedure.
    4. Runs an acceptable Pre and Post PFT 90% of the time.
    5. Communicates with physician on tests that are not in normal range
    for a possible Post if not ordered prior.
    6. Maintains supplies and assures responsibility for upkeep of equipment.

    E. Completes daily procedures.
    1. Completes all therapies including new orders in a punctual manner
    during the shift according to departmental policy.
    2. Conducts oxygen rounds once each shift.
    3. Completes charts and records by the end of each shift.
    4. Gives concise report to the oncoming shift.
    5. Disassembles, cleans and sterilizes, then reassembles and packages
    equipment as needed.

    F. Maintains arterial blood gas lab.
    1. Performs quality controls in accordance with RP500 recommendations and
    Departmental policy.
    2. Performs maintenance as needed or schedules same.
    3. Insures correct arterial blood gas interpretation and analyzation.
    G. Maintains a clean and safe work environment.
    1. Leaves the department clean and orderly throughout the shift.
    2. Reports equipment malfunctions by completing equipment performance
    evaluation by the end of the shift and notifying supervisor.

    H. Participates as an active member of the departmental team in supporting special projects and activities.
    1. Orients new employees as assigned.
    2. Uses Action Q Program to report errors or needed change of inpatient care
    as well as deviation from departmental policies and procedures.


    A. Maintains confidentiality while working with confidential matters on a daily basis.

    B. Provides service to patients while maintaining a positive patient atmosphere.

    C. Interacts with medical staff members on a continuous basis.

    D. Follows aseptic procedures and precautions when involved in direct patient
    contact or handling potentially infectious materials.

    E Follows safety guidelines and policies for the Hospital District.

    F. Complete Respiratory Competencies

    G. Complete Blood Gas Competencies

    Additional Information
    Position Type : Pool/PRN/Per Diem
    Shift : Day

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