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    MRI Technologist
    JOB SUMMARY: Under the supervision of a Radiologist, performs diagnostic radiographic procedures on patients. Cleans and maintains equipment and prepares necessary reports and maintains records. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Class I.


    A. Education: High School graduate or equivalent and graduate of an accredited program of Radiological Technology. MRI certification.

    B. Personal Job-Related Skills: Knowledge of radiological equipment and effective oral and written communication skills.

    C. Licensure, Registry or Certification: Registered, or registry eligible with ARRT, or ARCRT, a current Texas License is desirable.

    D. Experience:
    1. Prior Work Experience: One year as a registered Technologist preferred.
    2. Technical Training: Training in CT scanning required and ultrasound is desirable.

    E. Physical and Mental Requirements: Duties of the position require moderate standing, walking, twisting, reaching, and handling of instruments and equipment. Lifting up to 50 pounds and occasional heavy lifting, including lifting and supporting patients who may suddenly become weak or helpless.


    A. Under the supervision of a Radiologist, performs diagnostic radiographic
    procedures on patients.
    1. Insure the correct procedure is being performed on the patient. _____
    2. Instructs and prepares patient for procedure and assures proper positioning. _____
    3. Develops film by automatic or manual processing. _____
    4. Properly identifies film with patient identification. _____
    5. Transports patients to and from the department. _____
    6. Provides care appropriate for neonate, pediatric, adolescent, and geriatric
    patients based on demonstrated knowledge of the principles of growth
    and development over the life span.
    7. Assesses and interprets data on neonate, pediatric, adolescent, and
    geriatric patients' status to identify patients' requirements relative
    to age-specific needs and provides needed care as stipulated in
    departmental policy. _____

    B. Maintains equipment and necessary levels of radiological supplies.
    1. Checks supply levels and reorders supplies when required. _____
    2. Cleans equipment and practices sterile techniques. _____
    3. Assists with prevention and periodic maintenance of equipment; reports
    equipment problems to the supervisor. _____

    C. Prepares reports and maintains records as directed.
    1. Maintains records of patient visits and statistics. _____
    2. Files and retrieves films. _____
    3. Records and provides charges for procedures performed. _____
    4. Prepares and maintains patient and department records and reports. _____


    A. Maintains confidentiality while working with confidential matters on a daily basis. _____

    B. Provides service directly to patients while maintaining a positive patient
    atmosphere. _____

    C. Interacts with medical staff members on a continuous basis. _____

    D. Follows all procedures for using precautions when involved in direct
    patient contact or handling potentially infectious materials. _____

    E. Follows safety guidelines and policies for the Hospital District

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